Ways to Integrate Social Media with Email

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, email users and social media users have the same numbers. They are both around 4.3 billion, as reported by a social media agency Hong Kong. If more than half of the world’s population check their feeds and inboxes, brands and business should find ways to integrate social media with email. It can be the best online strategy suggested by a video marketing agency Hong Kong.

Emails are electronic messages delivered through a communication network like AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. While social media are platforms allowing connections among people and communities. Some examples of social media networks are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Below we have compiled a list of ways how brands and businesses can integrate social media with email.

Add Social Media Links to Your Unsubscribe Page

Social media links are URLs that populate a set image and message which people can share via social media. They can amplify brand messaging and minimize the time to compose a social media content description. Around 46% of email users unsubscribed from a website because their newsletter does not display well on smartphones. Social media links can potentially help with such issues.

Dedicated Email Campaigns

A dedicated email campaign can help brands and businesses boost clicks on social media links. Having one for every social media channel will help drive traffic for every social media page. On the reverse side, pop-up forms on social media posts can boost email subscriptions. 

Encourage Email Signups Via Social Media

There are several ways to encourage email signups via social media.

  • Creating Facebook lead generation ads can help brands and businesses target the exact demographics for their email listings.
  • LinkedIn Groups are a great way to generate leads for email subscriptions.
  • Posting gated pieces of content on your social media pages will prompt users to signup before accessing them.
  • Twitter chats can start conversations to build the social clout of engaged and interested email subscribers.

These are just a few examples. Get creative in promoting email subscriptions in every social media upload.

Include A “Retweet This” or “Share” Section in Your Email

Another way to integrate email and social media are to include a retweet or share button on email campaigns. A separate section for such buttons can help spread the word about a brand or business. They also encourage email users to spread the word to others.

Include Social Media Icons in Emails

Social icons are registered trademarks representing a social media brand or page. They keep the brand or business protected against brand guidelines and copyright infringement. Including social media icons in your email campaign will allow customers to view your pages as they check their emails. They are marketing assets letting people know where to follow you. They also save people’s time to access your channels within just a few clicks.

Provide Incentives

Every social media user loves freebies and giveaways. As such, providing incentives will entice followers to subscribe to your emails and social media pages. It can be a contest, discounts, financial or product offers, etc. Incentives will also give people a reason to share your social media channels.