Using Stories to Boost YouTube Views

Storytelling is the heart of every successful social media marketing. Modern consumers are no longer interested in a one-time product launch. They become loyal supporters of a brand or business when they feel being a part of a bigger impact. 

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights that Stories can help brands and businesses build an authentic connection with the community. By showing their human side and the unique forces behind them, they can successfully appeal to their viewers’ emotions. 

According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, YouTube communities are becoming a strong foundation of social media marketing. Giving YouTubers second-hand stories experience has strengthened such communities. That is why every marketer has to know using stories to boost YouTube views as noted by a social media agency Hong Kong! Here’s how.

Create a Character 

The character is the person in the video. He or she may be a brand advocate, business owner, marketer, or partner. What is most important is that the character persona should match the target audiences. A smart way to connect to the audience is to introduce a past or present scenario that relates to the struggle of the target audience.

Create a Key Desire

The key desire should be as simple as the solution to relieve the struggle of the main character, which is also the pain points of the target audience. Just that, and nothing more complicated. Be straightforward in showing your points on the video right away. This is because modern consumers have a shorter attention span.

Create an Obstruction

The obstruction is what keeps the character from achieving his or her key desire. Obstructions can either be external or internal. External obstacles may include home obstructions, lack of resources, low budget, etc. Internal obstacles may be mindset block, self-doubt, time management, etc. Obstructions should not be complicated. Plus, listing more can draw people’s attention better.

Show What’s at Stake

Boosting YouTube videos by showing what’s at stake means conditioning the minds of the viewers with concrete examples of what will happen if they fail to overcome the obstruction in achieving their key desire. It helps them feel like a winner even before they get the solutions to their pain points. 

Show What You Can Do to Help

Once you capture the viewer’s empathy, you can now slowly open your solutions to them. You can set examples of how a product or service can help solve their pain points. If possible, show them as the best solution among other choices. 

Take Them to the Final Journey

Using Stories to boost YouTube views means taking your viewers to the final journey of buying your products or services, subscribing to your YouTube channel or website, and becoming loyal brand advocates. It does not end with just one YouTube video. But it should keep the viewers excited to get more of your brand or channel.

Key Elements of a YouTube Story

The best way to boost views among YouTube Stories is to never forget to use its key elements. Include a video thumbnail and title to serve as the hook on your Stories. They must be short and sweet to grab the audiences’ attention. They should make the audience click and watch your YouTube Stories.

The first few seconds of a YouTube Story clip should start where the hook left off. Most of the time, marketers will repeat the title. This actually results in a high abandonment rate. The best way is to lead the viewers to the elements of the story instead. Do this to keep their attention until the end of the YouTube video. 

Adopt a humanistic approach. Using Stories to boost YouTube views means being creative in connecting to all types of YouTube audiences.