How to Promote and Sell Using Instagram Live

Live streaming is growing faster than ever. Most social media platforms have experienced an abrupt usage of live broadcasts since the COVID-19 pandemic. It is predicted to continue rising within the next five years. 

A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights the current growth of live streaming. It grew by 93% in 2020 with an average watch time of 26.4 minutes every session. It means that they hold the viewer’s attention 10x to 20x higher than pre-recorded videos. By 2027, the live streaming industry revenue is expected to grow at $184.27 billion. 

Technology has greatly boosted the use of live streaming as a video marketing agency Hong Kong has noted. Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have enabled features and tools to host a live broadcast directly within the platform. Even the coming of the 5G network, which is 100x faster than 4G, supports the increase in live streaming.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, Instagram is considered one of the top 3 social networks for video marketing. Below are some tips on how to promote and sell using Instagram Live.

Build a Q&A During Your Instagram Live Broadcast

A Q&A feature allows your visitors to ask questions while you are on a live broadcast. You can display these questions on the screen for everyone to participate in answering them.  Q&As can help you answer customers’ queries in real-time bridging the gap to the buying journey. As such, they can turn into conversions and sales.

Create a Title and Topic for Your Instagram Live Stream

Most hosts go live within a whim extemporaneously. But they do not provide a solid experience among their audiences. Creating a title and topic for your live broadcasts lets the audience know what value to expect.

To promote and sell using Instagram Live, key in your title and topic on a background graphic. They can provide an idea about the discussion points. It will organize the audiences’ thoughts. Thus, it will make it easier for brands and businesses to lead them into sales and shape brand loyalty.

Have a Branded and Short Introduction at the Beginning of Every Instagram Live

If your main focus in going on a live Instagram broadcast is to promote and sell, a branded and short introduction can be filler content that aids in brand recall. 

At the beginning of each Instagram live broadcast, introduce yourself, the brand or business, and the topic of discussion. A branded and short introduction makes it easier to repurpose IG Live content. As you repurpose the content, it allows the video to boost conversion and engagement.

Pin a Post to Inspire Viewers During an Instagram Live

A great well to promote and sell using Instagram Live is to pin a post during the broadcast. You can pin a link to the brand, product, or service you are introducing to make it easier for the audience to make a purchase. You can also encourage them to share the pinned post to boost reach. 

Pinned posts during an Instagram live encourage interaction. It is also the best way to direct your viewers on the desired actions you would like them to make. A creative way to encourage engagement on pinned posts is to perform a short countdown to click a link and take a screenshot. They can share the screenshot to their Stories for a larger reach.

Preview Your Next Instagram Live with a CTA at the End

Call-To-Actions (CTAs) have proven to be very effective in promoting and selling on Instagram. You can place them at the end of every Instagram live. Some good CTA ideas for Ig live broadcasts are:

  • Big announcement about new products and services with a subscribe button
  • Connect via chats or DMs for further queries
  • Short Preview of your next live broadcast with a registration link

Promote Your Instagram Live

Before you start an Instagram live, it is best to promote it first to your audiences. It is to encourage participation and viewing. You can create an IG Story to give a sneak peek of what’s going to happen. You can also post a countdown sticker to remind those who are interested to participate during the live event.