What Happens on the Internet Every Minute?

The Internet was born in January 1983. It is the work of dozens of engineers, programmers, and scientists. From government research, it has evolved as an essential need to modern living. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, 4.66 billion people actively use the Internet. That is equivalent to almost 59% of the world’s population.  

Imagine what happens on the Internet every minute? The COVID-19 pandemic prompted people to use the Internet more often. A social media agency Hong Kong notes that it paves the way for social commerce. From physical stores, modern consumers gradually switch to online shopping. Facebook and Instagram introduced Shops. Pinterest enabled shoppable pins. Twitter allowed live shopping. YouTube launched product tags. 

As data never sleeps and shows no signs of aging, here’s what happens on the Internet every minute

Online Activities

4.3 million Google searches are made every minute. 84% of people use Google at least three times a day. 81% searched online for a product or service that they want to buy. 46% of these searches have local intent. It means that they are looking for merchants nearby. Around 26,000 apps are downloaded with 20% of millennials opening these apps at least 50 times per day. When it comes to email, 210 million are sent.

Online Messaging

People use the Internet to connect to the outside world. It is how they communicate with colleagues, family, friends, and strangers. Facebook users send around 9 million messages every minute. 12 million people send messages via IM, 148,000 messages via Slack and 100,000 messages via Microsoft Teams.

Online Shopping

Around 6 million people shop online every minute. At Amazon, customers spend $283,000 for purchases that happen every 60 seconds. While on Instacart, users spend $67,000 shopping every 60 seconds. As such, brands and businesses should also show up to their prospects and target audiences frequently.

Social Media

People love social media. That is why most of what they do on the Internet has to do with social media sites.

Facebook is still the king of social media. It is the 3rd most visited website next to Google and YouTube. With 2.7 billion monthly active users,  510,000 comments, 293,000 statuses updated, and 240,000 photos are uploaded every minute.

People share 65,972 images and videos on Instagram each minute. These IG posts are not just for liking. 81% of Instagrammers research products and services within the platform. 

Pinterest is still popular when people look for ideas and inspiration over the Internet. Every minute, 1,300 products pins get pinned. It is because 95% of pinners used them to plan their buying journey. 

For millennials and Gen Z, Snapchat is a crucial place of engagement. 21 million snaps are created every minute. 35% of these snaps are about products that a user wants to buy.

Currently, Twitter has 396.5 million daily active users. Around 575,000 tweets are sent every minute. Out of this number, 7,000 tweets are about movies and TV. 

Streaming Services

A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the popularity of live broadcast and short-form videos nowadays. At Facebook, 44 million people view live streaming every 60 seconds. Every minute, Netflix users watch 2.4 million of content while YouTubers spend 694,000 hours of streams. 

Recently, a social audio app enters the spotlight on the Internet – Clubhouse. It features live audio rooms for conversations of different niches and topics. Every minute, Clubhouse creates 208 rooms. It is very similar to Zoom (although it lacks the video) hosting 856 minutes of webinars.

And there, there’s TikTok! It is a short-form video app with audio and visual effects. TikTok users watch 5.7 million videos every 60 seconds. 


The Internet is a universe in its own right. Every minute, a myriad of downloads and uploads happened. Messages were received and sent. People search and upload content. They listen and watch audio and videos on the world wide web. For brands and businesses, what is important is to keep posting content to become visible on the Internet every second, every minute, and every day!