Tips to Improve YouTube Ads Results

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. Next to Google, it is the second most visited online platform today. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes the importance of YouTube when it comes to ads and campaigns. As video now plays an important role in the promotion of products and services, it is imperative for every brand and business to have a YouTube channel.

To date, YouTube now has more than 2 billion monthly active users (MAU). It is somewhat too close to Facebook’s MAUs. A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that people watch more than 2 billion hours of YouTube videos daily. As such, it makes YouTube ads an important part of video marketing. 

Below are some tips to improve YouTube ads results from a social media agency Hong Kong.

Product Feeds

YouTube is the platform where you can connect with hard-to-reach audiences. If a brand or business wants to encourage target audiences to buy a product or service, they can add a product feed to improve YouTube ads results. 

To add a product feed, enable shopping ads and link the Merchant Center with Google ads. Choose a campaign objective for your Google ads. Then choose the product feed you want to add to the campaign. You can also choose a custom selection for the ad. 

A product feed on YouTube allows viewers to learn more about the product or service and buy it. By making it easier for viewers to make a purchase, you can improve the conversion and results of YouTube ads.

Reach Optimization

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the revenue earned per every dollar spent in promoting products and services. A good ROAS measure also considers brand awareness besides conversion. After all, brands and businesses may not be able to convert without potential traffic coming into their sites. 

The good news is Google ads enhanced its reach optimization. Brands and businesses no longer have to choose between skippable and non-skippable in-streams together with bumper ads. With “efficient reach optimization,” you can now mix ad types to maximize reach. 

Google recommends using at least 1 short and 1 long video ad to highlight key features of a brand, product, or service. It can greatly improve your YouTube ads results.

Video Action Campaigns

The simplest and most effective way to improve YouTube ads results is through video action campaigns. It uses a mix of in-feeds and skippable in-stream video ads of at least 10-seconds long. It is also called the reformatted TrueView campaign type.

YouTube video action campaigns let brands and businesses reach more viewers and convert them. When creating a new campaign, choose video as the campaign type for YouTube to automatically select “Drive Conversions” as a subtype. Brands and businesses can select one of these three objectives under the video action campaigns:

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Website Traffic

Brands and businesses can also pick a target cost per action (CPA) and set parameters for a YouTube video ad. Video action campaigns automatically display on:

  • Channel Pages
  • Display Network
  • YouTube Videos
  • YouTube’s Homepage

To improve YouTube ads results, a call to action (CTA) can be added as a companion barrier.

YouTube Ad Sequence Campaigns

A unique feature of YouTube that can significantly improve ads results is ad sequencing. It allows brands and businesses to tell their stories through a series of video ads. YouTube ad sequence campaigns can:

  • Build viewers’ interests
  • Create a unified brand messaging
  • Reinforce branding

Ad sequence campaign guarantees that multiple video campaigns can all be seen by potential customers. 

To use the ad sequence approach, create a campaign under “Brand Awareness” or “Product and Brand Consideration.” Choose the “Ad Sequence” as campaign subtype, then, select a template. To reinforce a brand, you can start with a long introduction and short videos on the preceding ads.