Why Is SEO Important?

Your website should be visible in search engine results

 As noted before, SEO is not a quick process that can easily run out of money or resources. It takes time to achieve rankings well and staying invested in your site’s growth requires consistent maintenance.

That means checking back every few days or weeks to make sure your content is clear, relevant, and up-to-date. And it means monitoring reports to see if you need to make changes.

SEO isn’t something that happens overnight. You have to keep investing in it and tracking its progress until you get where you want to go. But once you do, your business will reap the benefits for years to come!

Your website will get more visitors

As we know, having an online presence is important to any business! Having a strong social media profile, a good quality website, and engaging content are all integral parts of this.

But what many people do not realize is that without search engine optimization (SEO), none of these things matter.

That is why it is so crucial to understand how SEO works and why it matters to your business.

With the right strategies, you can take control of your own search results, which can bring in new customers or increase traffic to your current sites.

There are two main reasons why SEO is so important for businesses. First, SEO helps your website “pop” up in a crowd of websites just like yours.

Second, most major search engines offer professional services such as white hat SEO, which create better rankings for your site. These include ensuring your site’s load time is quick, updating keywords and content frequently, and linking to related pages and posts to build domain authority.

By investing in SEO now, you will reap benefits in the future!

Your website will get more links

A link is when someone creates an article or video that features your product or service. They may refer to you as their favorite brand, site, or business, which is a link!

By investing in SEO (search engine optimization) services, you are getting free advertising from the search engines. When people do a Google search for something related to your business, the results include your site’s URL.

If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that most people doing research online will look at at least the first few pages of results. By being on the first page of Google, you have our word that this will increase your exposure significantly.

And just like any other form of marketing, you want to expose your products and services to as many potential customers as possible.

What makes SEO different than anything else out there is that it doesn’t cost money to implement. All the tools and resources needed to improve your ranking are available for free or very inexpensively.

That means you have access to all the information necessary to succeed. It also means you don’t need to invest large sums of money in order to see results.

There are some things, however, that make certain types of SEO much cheaper than others. Hiring someone who knows what they’re talking about is one of those things.

With that said, let’s dive into why SEO is important and how to optimize yours.

Your website will rank higher in search engine results

A strong social media presence, content that attracts readers, and solid SEO are all important strategies to use when optimizing your site for success.

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers, but it’s also a very fluid medium. It can be difficult to keep up momentum by posting consistently every day or even weekly.

That’s why some of the best online businesses have found a steady stream of income through blogging!

By putting in consistent effort into writing quality content you’ll earn back what you invest in publishing time and creating engaging articles.

Having a well-optimized website makes it easier for people to find you! Even if no one actually visits your page, they may still see your site listed as a result you linked to theirs. This impacts your overall web visibility, which is an essential part of establishing your brand.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of making your site more visible to the major search engines like Google and Bing. These sites control about 70% of all searches, so improving their exposure benefits your business.

SEO is always changing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing process that continually evolves to stay relevant. This makes it difficult to have exact guidelines as what works now, may not work in the future.

What is SEO anyway?

SEO or search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and web content for the search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines use their algorithms to determine which websites appear in their lists of results for various searches.

Typically, the higher you rank in these listings, the more visitors your site will get!

There are several different types of SEO, such as link building, social media marketing, page speed optimizations, etc. But the basics of good SEO remain constant. Your success depends on three main factors: quality content, strong internal linking structures, and effective keyword research.

Why is SEO important? Because without it, people will go somewhere else instead of coming to yours.

Regularly investing time into SEO can boost traffic to your site, increase conversions, and improve your online reputation. It’s also a great way to strengthen your brand identity and achieve greater visibility.

In this article, we’ll talk about some reasons why SEO matters and how to do it right. Let’s get started!

Broken links are one of the biggest hurdles to efficient SEO performance. When someone visits a given webpage on your domain, the browser needs to check if there are any linked pages on other domains

You need an SEO company

Even though you can do some of the work yourself, investing in an experienced firm that knows what they’re doing is always the better route.

SEOs have their own set of tools and strategies to help your business grow online. They use these tools for performing keyword research, creating content, optimizing websites, etc.

And while there are some free resources available, most people agree that it’s best to get professional help if you want effective results.

That’s why it’s important to find an SEO company that you feel comfortable working with. Look for examples where they perform their jobs well, and make sure they’ve worked with companies similar to yours before.

Finding the right balance

Too much focus on search engine optimization (search marketing) can backfire and impair your site’s overall performance. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it will keep you from getting the full benefits of having an online presence.

On the other hand, too little investment may also hurt your website’s growth. If you don’t take enough time to optimize your pages and links, your hard work could go wasted.

It’s important to keep up to date with SEO

 A lot of people seem to think that once you have done all the necessary steps to gain search engine exposure, your work is finished. This isn’t the case!

SEO is an ever-evolving game, which means there are new tricks being discovered every day. New strategies are constantly coming out, making it difficult to know what is effective and not effective.

In fact, SEO techniques are so popular now that some people create their own short cuts or gimmicks to see if they work.

Sadly, these tricks may backfire and hurt your site’s performance instead. So, how can you be sure that you’re getting the best results possible without trying anything weird?

You should focus on content

As we mentioned before, ranking high in search engines is an integral part of having successful online marketing strategies.

SEO (search engine optimization) comes down to two things: producing engaging, interesting content and optimizing that content for the right keywords.

Engaging content means anything from writing a short article about how to do your nails to linking to another site or putting together a large project such as creating an ecommerce store.

Optimizing content means making it read better by using appropriate grammar and ensuring it is easy to understand. The more people who can access the information you provide, the wider audience you have which is a key factor in growth.

There are many ways to optimize content so I will not go into much detail other than saying be creative, use images, include links, and proofread properly!

Running out of time to work on your website? There are several free tools you can use to quickly improve the quality of your content and engagement.

It’s important to remember that content is what draws attention to a page and keeps visitors there. If your goal is to increase traffic to your site, investing in SEO now is one of the best investments you can make.

Create a website structure

Creating a site that is easy to navigate and use is your first step towards having people come back to visit your site and spend time there.

Having an intuitively designed site means more conversions, longer visits, and better engagement.

You will want to make sure you have clear navigation with easily accessible content so users can find what they are looking for quickly.

Your navigation should lead directly to different pages of your site, as well as direct links to external sites or services (such as

This way, visitors are able to get where they need to go easily without being directed away from your site. You also want to be clear about who the site audience is- making sure your nav is relevant and clearly labeled.

SEO is very important because it helps people find your site! There are several ways to optimize your site’s performance including ensuring your HTML code is valid and using caching plugins to help speed up load times.


The 2022 Social Commerce Report

The world has changed a lot. The Internet has made it easier for people to connect to the world. Technology made it possible for brands and businesses to build digital shops. And so, social commerce was born!

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, out of the almost 8 billion people in the world, half of them are active in social media. This made social commerce a great opportunity for brands and businesses. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the boom of live shopping to boost sales. Let us take a look at the basics of social commerce and dig into the 2022 Social Commerce Report!


Social commerce is defined by a social media agency Hong Kong as selling products and services on social media platforms. It involves brands and businesses building social media pages and profiles to nurture a community of followers.

Social commerce also involves setting up digital shops. It is where brands and businesses highlight their offerings. These digital shops are equipped with direct checkouts and product detail pages. They are also connected with 24/7 customer support for quick inquiry replies. Digital shops can also be linked to a live broadcast or story to facilitate sales. Features like the autofill payment process and the buy now button make shopping easier for online users.


Besides opportunities, social commerce offers a lot of benefits for brands and businesses. Here are the basics.

Audience Growth

Millions of people are already active on social media. Such a number grows at a significant rate daily. Social commerce allows brands and businesses to have a consistent audience growth. When people love your products and services, they will share them on their profiles. Their colleagues, family, and friends can also share them as they become followers of your page. As the cycle continues, your reach expands, and your followers grow.

Boost SEO

Social commerce has been proven to boost SEO. Many people get used to discover products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Digital shops, product catalogs, and video ads can make brands and businesses visible among feeds and searches. They significantly boost website traffic.

Business Metrics

A clear benefit of social commerce is the availability of analytics and metrics. Most social media pages are equipped with data collection and summarization that can become helpful business metrics for your future marketing approach. These include audience demographics, click-through rates, return on spending, etc.

Customer Retention

Social commerce is a great tool for customer retention. The key to the success of social commerce is consistent posting. It makes brands and businesses visible to people’s feeds daily. For existing followers, such visibility promotes retention. It keeps customers updated on what is going on with the brand or business.


Below are the key findings for the 2022 Social Commerce Report. This survey was made by The Influencer Marketing Factory, a global marketing agency that specializes in influencer marketing.

  • In general, 29% of online shoppers used social commerce to buy products and services every week. The top 3 industries booming in social commerce are apparel, beauty, and home products.
  • More than 40% of modern consumers prefer online shopping over buying in physical stores. This is because of the convenience and safety they brought about during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • More than 57% of viewers in a live stream made a purchase while watching. Live Shopping has integrated real-time customer support and product promotion.
  • More than 82% of social media users discovered a product on social media and purchased it directly using a mobile phone.


The market for social commerce is huge. Even with the new normal, it is here to stay!